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    SugarCRM Zip Support Not Found Install Error

    14 months ago

    WARNING: Use at your own risk. May cause issues with functionality in SugarCRM. I was not even going to print this, but quite a few were interested in the innards of the installer system check. This is really bad...

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    Miguel Cotto's Pink Socks Fall To Mayweather

    2 years ago

    Why does Miguel Cotto wear pink? Say what you want about Floyd Mayweather's public life outside of boxing, but when he steps in the ring he does it like no other. Miguel Cotto put up a decent fight in his knee-high...

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    ElectroSmog - 5 Crazy Devices To Protect You From Electromagnetic Wave Pollution

    2 years ago

    ElectroSmog or eSmog is a form of electromagnetic interference that has been touted as the cause of illness and mental problems for humans and animals alike. Take a look at this list of e-smog blocking devices and...

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    What Are The Best Nootropics?

    2 years ago

    Nootropics are a series of drugs that have become something of a phenomena recently, and they are looking to be the next class of popular supplements into 2012 and beyond. These "smart drugs" are not really...

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    How To Protect From Stun Gun EMF

    2 years ago

    It seems to be an almost daily occurrence now that someone will be assaulted and seriously injured by a taser weapon. Despite training in the proper use of the taser weapon, police seem more willing than ever to...

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    Infrasound - The Infrasonic Sound Of Death

    2 years ago

    Infrasound could be the last sound you never hear. Working outside the normal human hearing range, infrasound consists of the spectrum of frequencies below the lower human hearing threshold of 20Hz down to about one...

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    Nanoweapons: Nanotechnology Weapons Of Genocide

    2 years ago

    Nanotechnology is increasing in scope everyday, and although there are seemingly infinite possible applications to benefit civilization, many top names in both science and literature seem to warn of nanoweapons that...

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    The Ornithopter - RC Flying Spy Machine

    2 years ago

    Certain guilds of nanotechnology researchers have been pursuing knowledge on how to build ever smaller robots such as micromechanical flying insects. While I am not aware of any such initiative that has successfully...

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    Nanodiamond Lubricants And Motor Oil Additives

    2 years ago

    Nanodiamonds are small, very small. They exhibit all of the impressive properties of their larger diamond counterparts, but nano-diamonds can average about 4-6 nanometers in length depending on the supplier and grade of...

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    The OCZ Agility 3 TRIM Command

    2 years ago

    The SSD of today incorporates cutting edge mlc nand flash memory coupled with a flash controller in order to deliver speed and reliability over traditional hard disks. The OCZ Agility 3 SSD is a mid-range drive in a...

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    Simulview For PS3 Games List

    14 months ago

    If you're in a hurry, SCROLL DOWN for the complete Simulview Games List. Late 2012 - The Simulview is set to get a massive upgrade with a new 84" Simulview screen with a 4k resolution that will take the couch...

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    Fun Facts Of The Scandium Element

    3 years ago

    The element Scandium was discovered in 1879 lumped in with other Rare Earth Elements in two rare earth minerals called euxenite and gadolinite. The similarity of the so-called rare earth elements made them difficult for...

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